Meet Stephanie Garza

Stephanie Garza is a crafty, cupcake maker by day and a nurse healing the wounded by night. She expresses herself through various forms of art such as sewing, painting, and crafting. Music and nature inspire her to put a fun and quirky twist on the way she sees the world.

What does creativity mean to you

“If properly swallowed,tortillas can be tasty and pleasurable. If incorrectly chewed, however, they can ruin your life.”

Stephanie’s Work

Meet Anthony Smith

I’m an Interactive Designer / Developer. I’m the co-founder of the creative collective called the Laboratory, I’m also a very proud employee of Fervor Creative. I have a lot of tattoos and my pug will beat up your dog.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is something that I’m sort of required to do, I would hate to imagine what I’d be like without it.

Anthony’s Work

Meet Damien Hernandez

I do not treat graphic design simply as my profession or career goal, but as my passion and hobby. Dreaming of becoming an artists since the first days of consciously thinking about my future-it was in high school when I realized there was a medium to mix my love of art and technology. Ever since that day I have pursued and honed my skills as an artist and designer.

You can follow Damien’s 12by30 page or visit his portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is one of those human abilities that has no scientific definition or explanation. It’s just something that clicks, connects and flows out of you. Some people can latch onto this energy, and some can’t. I believe it directly links to when people lose their child-like imagination.

Damien’s Work

Meet Terrence Patrick

My birth name is Terrence Patrick Murtagh. However, way too many people hack the spelling of the name Murtagh so I decided to hack it off all the way. So, that makes me Terrence Patrick. I am an energetic and idea driven designer passionate about the creative process and excited about all areas of design. I also love cycling and watching movies.

You can follow Terrence’s 12by30 page or visit his portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is a term people use that don’t think in terms of art. We are not really creative, everyone creates. I am a visual problem solver.

Terrence’s Work

Meet Bruno Souza

Hi There, My name is Bruno. I’m an art director currently living and working in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I strive to improve my technical, artistic and human skills. Additionally, I keep improvising, laughing and having fun.

You can follow Bruno’s 12by30 page or visit his portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you

I keep my eyes wide open

Bruno’s Work