Meet Sam Sellers

Sam earns his livelihood as a graphic designer, finds a creative outlet in his sketchbook, dreams of illustrating children’s books, dicks around with his camera on sunny days (or overcast ones), loves the smell of a freshly-printed magazine, flosses daily.

You can follow his 12by30 page or check out more of his work on his portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

Not sure.

Sam’s Work

Meet the March Artists

Get ready! Starting tomorrow we will be running our Meet the Artist features for all of our March contestants.

March has been a crazy month and we are almost at the halfway point! That should be a nice milepost for our contestants.

Later this month, we will run a small article about how 12by30 affected our first round of participants along with some other planned articles!

Show Some Love

From the beginning we wanted a way to show appreciation to the artists. We thought about a basic star rating, but that’s not a useful system and is already skewed. Ultimately it was decided that we should have a “Like”-eque button. That way it’s more of a “Yeah, this is cool. I respect this!”

When you browse 12by30, make sure to click on the “RESPECT!” button to show some love!

Also, you should leave some kind words in the comments, it’s quite nice to get some feedback.

Round 2!

12by30 March Edition has just begun!

We have some great talent doing this round. We will be doing a Meet the Artist for each artist like before so that our artists can showcase what they are all about.

I also would like to mention this edition of 12by30 has people outside of Arizona because we really want anyone to be a part of this. We even have on person from Brazil! WHATTTT!!?!?!

We did run into a problem with people disappearing or things coming up, so we are keeping up the join page to keep accepting portfolios. So if you want to be a part of the next 12by30 please submit your portfolio to reserve your spot.

Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter, we’re @12by30. Or find us on the 12by30 Facebook Page.

Join 12by30

Registrations for the March 12by30 are open!

You must register by February 21st. No later. If you do join and are accepted you will get an email with some information of how everything works.

If you want to be a part of something awesome and really challenge yourself for a month, visit the join page.