Meet Eleonora Zorzi

My name is El and I’m a digital designer, aspiring illustrator, music freak and cheese obsessed. I moved to New York few years ago, I fell in love with Brooklyn and now I call it home.

You can follow Ele’s 12by30 page or visit her portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

Finding beautiful and effective solutions to any problem.

Ele’s Work

Meet Jackie Ince

Jackie is an Arizona resident, hailing originally from a sleepy farm town in Illinois. She’s a full time graphic designer, part time student and all around shenanigan-maker.

She also hates referring to herself in the third person.

You can follow Jackie’s 12by30 page or visit her portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is the funnel through which ideas take shape. But instead of narrowing things down, it opens them up. So I guess it’s more like a sifter.

(Maybe I should rethink my kitchen analogies.)

Jackie’s Work

Meet John Chakravarty

I was born outside of New Delhi and raised by wolves until I was 24. My professional career extends from mercenary to dinosaur wrangler. In my spare time, I create visually stimulating doodles that have been described as “kick ass.

You can follow John’s 12by30 page or visit his blog.

What does creativity mean to you?

Ask me again when I am less hungover.

John’s Work

Meet Hayley Thornton-Kennedy

Hayley is an illustrator and designer living the good life in Madison Wisconsin with her cat, Frankenstein and her beau Andy. She enjoys cooking and eating mostly, as well as riding her bike, chasing birds, and going on adventures.

You can follow her 12by30 page or check out her portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?


Hayley’s Work

Meet Dustin Watson

I’m Dustin. I eat pizza, play basketball and illustrate things.

I’m an illustrator/designer currently living in AZ with my wife, daughter and unborn son. I love sports (especially basketball), am always up for pizza buffet and dream of someday retiring and going to work the afternoon shift at a local Foot Locker.

You can follow his 12by30 page or check out more of his work on his portfolio.

What does creativity mean to you?

To me, creativity is the gift of being able to break from the mundane and explore those things that exist only within the individual. Whether on a basketball court or in doing an illustration or in playing animals with my daughter the enjoyment that I get in life stems from my ability to be creative.

Dustin’s Work.